On my desk this week you will find a couple of golf themed cards - I was asked for 6 of them - so I still have four more to make - it's always more difficult to make something specific I think - I prefer just to make whatever you feel like at the time, just for the fun of it.  The scrapbook album to the right is new - I am intending to work on it between now and October for Mum's 70th birthday - she won't know about it as she doesn't have a computer, so it's quite safe to have it on here.  The decoupage sheets just fell into the basket when I was ordering the album! - they're Tilly Daydream by DoCrafts.  On the left is another piece of oilcloth, waiting to be made up into a bag - I'm getting a bit addicted to making them - I have kept two for myself (a large one and a smaller tote one) and have sold nine.  We were up visiting the 'Famine Village' (Museum type place) in north Donegal last week and called into Dunelm for some interfacing on the way home - well when I spotted this sweetie jar design oilcloth I just had to buy some!  The weather has been so beautiful since, that I haven't done much sewing but went to the beach etc instead.  We're not really used to it being so nice, so we need to make the best of it - 28 degrees yesterday and it was still 22 at midnight last night!Visit Julia's desk HERE to find out what everyone else has been making this week.


  1. hahaha "fell into the basket" indeed. You are too funny
    Bridget #1

  2. Hahahahaha - those bloomin' things that "fall in the basket"... thought that just happened to me LoL
    Great to visit you :-)

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE xx #93

  3. Your golf cards look cute! It's funny how I really prefer to make very girly cards--yet so often I find myself having to make masculine cards for the men and boys in the family. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #95

  4. I have the same problem when I'm making an online order, something always falls into the basket. I hate when that happens...LOL..Love the cards. Happy crafting #7

  5. I agree with you about making what ever you want, or what every you end up with. I always feel like I am pushing my MOJO when asked to do something specific, and he doesn't like it! I like your golf cards, funny I have one sitting to the side of my desk waiting for me to create the right size golf ball to finish it off.
    Krisha #5

  6. Fab desk pic, love your goodies! Take care Zo xx 65

  7. Love the golf images! The album is so pretty, looking forward to seeing what is going inside. What will you make with the oil cloth?