It's surprising I remembered that today is Wednesday - the day for a good look at everybody's work desk - HERE.  Usually when we're off school I forget what day of the week it is but with Hannah home from Uni for a couple of weeks she is going out to work in her part time job at 7:40 every morning, so I still have to get up (but I can get back into bed after she leaves :-) I didn't get round to taking a photo of my NEC shopping last week, so here it is today - well, some of it anyway - the stuff that hasn't been tidied away yet!  I really enjoyed my day out and the special bonus this time was being able to visit the Cake show as well.  I bought some cake decorating sprinkles etc as well as pieces of fabric and craft basics like card packs, cellophane bags, DS tape, but the photo shows paper, die cut decoupage, dies, a crochet pattern, buttons, cotton lace in lovely colours, pink and blue card and some of the 'word' dies - I have even used a couple of them already for this Engagement card I was asked to make. On the way back through airport security my bag was completely unpacked and searched - I got a few strange looks and was asked if I was going to bake myself a cake!!  I took some photos of the lovely cakes on display and they can be viewed on my facebook page (see sidebar for the link)



It's a chick production line!! Sometimes I tell the children in school I have eyes in the back of my head - now I have them on the desk, on the floor and stuck to my sleeves!! It works out much easier and quicker to make them in steps like this - but of course I had to complete one at the start to make sure I was happy with it before doing the others.  Visit Julia HERE to find out what everybody else is making this week.



For our weekly work desk visit click HERE to link to Julia's blog.  There are some die cut flowers/leaves on my desk this week as I'm preparing for a class on Friday.  The printed page is for ideas for wooden spoon puppets for my lower primary craft class - it's book week and they are going to do the story of the little red hen with the puppets (well that's the theory anyhow!)
I missed out on WOYWW last week as I forgot what day it was! - I was in shock after receiving a £100 fine for leaving my car in a car park for longer than 1 hour due to having fainted in the shop!!  They called out the ambulance and the paramedic wouldn't allow me to drive (after I refused to go to hospital!!). I took the fine in to the shop to get the manager to write a letter but he was able to get the fine cancelled - phew!!