My crafty space

Here is my wee crafty space - before it got too untidy! There is a little bit more clutter in it now.  It is on a mezzanine, overlooking my sunroom, above the dining area. It has built in cupboards all along one side with lots of storage space - the bottom shelf of each goes right back under the eaves of the house - a great space for all sorts of crafty stuff. The desk can be closed up - so that it looks tidy, even when it isn't!
In one of the cupboards I have this large paper sorter - its great for storing all my plain coloured A4 paper and card.  All sorts of little bows and trims are stored in the little drawers on the top and a CD storage rack holds all my 'original' sizzix dies.  The centre double cupboard has a pull out shelf where I can use my Craft Robo, Cricut machine and printer - it had a double socket in the back, so all the electrical stuff can be plugged in.

There are lots of little drawers and slots inside the desk - perfect for storing all those bits and pieces you use all the time.  At the sides there are drawers - the bottom two are acually filing drawers and I use one of them to stores all the scraps of coloured card in separate files - as you can see below. I tend to forget about the bits and cut into a new piece instead - so this drawer never seems to get any less full - in fact, its so full now that its quite difficult to get in and out of it now!

The smaller drawers have little dividers running across them, so they are just perfect for storing peel-offs and inserts.  I used a labelling machine to identify each section - so that I can find what I need quickly - well that's the theory anyhow!
My Promarkers are now stored in this storage cube on top of my desk, where I can reach most of them without geting out of the chair!  The cube was just plain MDF when I bought it, so you can paint it in your own colour scheme - so its a duck egg blue and natural combo to match my wallpaper and curtains!  It continues to fill up everytime I go to a craft fair, although the most recent purchases have been the Flexmakers and some of the sections are now full up!