The pile of 'stuff' to be used up has continued to build up on the left hand side of my workdesk, but I've pushed it to the side to work on wedding stationery.  I have 150 order of service booklets to make and had the fronts all printed and quite a lots of them trimmed down with the guillotine, when I realised they had the wrong month on them! Now I have to order more card and start all over again - I always ask for the details to be sent by email to avoid mistakes, but the bride-to-be managed to type in the wrong month!! At least I have my little helper to keep me company in the craft room - though I'm not sure that looks like a very comfortable sleeping position! Visit the other desks at Julia's blog HERE.



A quick view of my untidy desk this morning - after making a variety of cards for the shop.  The craft room always looks like a bomb has landed when I try to do lots of things at once and everything gets pulled out of the cupboards and drawers! I still have the inserts to do now - so it will probably look even more messy by the time I get finished!  Visit the other workdesks at Julia's blog HERE.