A quick view of my untidy desk this morning - after making a variety of cards for the shop.  The craft room always looks like a bomb has landed when I try to do lots of things at once and everything gets pulled out of the cupboards and drawers! I still have the inserts to do now - so it will probably look even more messy by the time I get finished!  Visit the other workdesks at Julia's blog HERE.


  1. Oh, I don't know - I've seen worse on woyww!! I'm really glad that your cards are doing so well in the shop, it shows you must be on the right track design-wise :-D
    Hugs LLJ 3 xxx

  2. Hi Bernice, lovely cards. I work just the same, getting more & more stuff out, and not clearing up till I've done. Seems to sort of stop the creative flow if I start putting stuff away as I'm going along. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #9 XxX

  3. Gorgeous cards! my dear you can't craft without having stuff all around you.... can you!!! Oh well that's my excuse. Have a great woyww and happy crafty week, Angela x16x

  4. It's not messy, it's... creative :)
    Have a wonderful Wednesday :)
    Bubbles (PatchworkApples)

  5. Hi Bernice,

    What a nice busy desk you have! Unfortunately my desk photos didn't show up for me to download them.... how could that be?!?

    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (43)

  6. Nice variety of cards you have there! Well done! Desks should always look like this! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #64

  7. I've seen far messier desks, mostly at my place! Have a great week.. Helen #1

  8. Nice cards! It's great to have an opportunity to sell them. Have a great week!

    Suzanne #49

  9. I feel at home looking at your desk. That same bomb goes off in my room quite often. LOL
    April #33

  10. A very familiar sight, mine is often left like that too. Fun cards! Have a great week! xo Cheetarah #37

  11. What a fabulous workspace!
    Have a super weekend,
    Katie xx44