I had a commissioned cross stitch to design and stitch over the holidays and finally got it all finished last night - the last word I stitched was the green 'creative friend' and I was halfway through stitching the 'D' when I realised I'd left out the 'N' - so it very nearly said 'Creative FRIED'!!! I was glad to get it finished!
Now I'll be able to play with my new stamp sets and dies - I've had to put them away to make sure I got the stitching done in time! To visit the other work desks go to Julia's blog HERE.



I'm still making things for the crafts fairs coming up soon.  These wee treat boxes hold a mini pack of Skittles.  The die is from SU (now sadly retired) and it can be made into all kinds of different things.  I bought a new reindeer die on offer at the NEC last Friday and it just fits perfectly to make a 'Rudolph,' complete with pom pom nose! Visit the other desks by going to Julia's blog HERE.



Mid-term break this week, so I have been trying to make a start on craft fair items before flying over to Birmingham for the Hobbycrafts, Crafts for Christmas, Art Materials and Cake Show (Four in one!!) on Friday - my list is growing by the day!! These are mini crackers containing two chocolate mint creams - anything with sweets inside usually sells well.  Visit the other desks HERE at Julia's blog.



A very untidy desk again this week - I'm back to school so that's my excuse - in fact to be truthful, the whole of my house is like this at the moment - but the schemes of work are almost complete and I will get tidied up soon!!  I had to make some baby cards recently and on the desk are a couple which I need to finish.  I also have big tub of pastel coloured paperclips and pins etc on view - an impulse buy I couldn't pass when I was shopping in Asda - I just loved the colours and 'needed' to buy them! I've always loved all sorts of stationery - not sure if it's a 'teacher' thing or a crafters thing (probably a bit of both!!)  View the other desks HERE at Julia's blog.



Well I have not really accomplished very much since last week apart from a couple of special order cards - one for a 40th anniversary and this one for an 18th for a farmer who has a blue tractor!! You can also spot a couple of things I was trying out with some of the products in my pre-order parcel - the black cats (new punch) and the wee test tube treat holders - so excited about these - as a science teacher I just couldn't resist them - they even have the old cork type bungs like we used years ago and one pack of 'Millions' fills two tubes with some left over for me to sample!!
My lecture (last Wed) is thankfully over and it was as expected - a bit stressful!! I left home in plenty of time and had all my directions printed off from the aa routeplanner but as it was a very wet day with lots of spray and I got stuck behind a very large lorry load of bales of hay/straw? I couldn't see the road signs in time to get into the right lane etc, so had to depend on the directions of 'Dolly' the sat nav, - who managed to take me into a building site at the far end of a housing development and had the cheek to announce 'You have reached your destination' as I was trying to turn the car round on a muddy patch of building site!! At this point I studied my map and routeplanner instructions and managed to backtrack to the last large roundabout and got to where I was meant to be.  I still arrived much too early but was offered to start in the previous slot to mine so that I could be finished and get home early - this meant I was a bit rushed to set out all my display items, but at least I got it all over with earlier than expected!
Visit the other work desks at Julia's blog HERE.



Not much accomplished since last week - just this special order card (now the desk is in a mess again and will need tidied!). I had four boxes from SU delivered last Thursday but haven't made anything with them yet and as most my own 'stuff'' (ie not for customers) was pre-ordered from the new Autumn/Winter catalogue (which doesn't go live until the 1st Sept) I'm not allowed to show pictures of the actual products!! I have to do a lecture to young teachers on the teaching of craft this afternoon so I've been a bit stressed about that, but will maybe be able to focus on my own crafting when I get that over with! Visit the other desks this week by clicking on Julia's blog HERE.



A fairly tidy desk this week - just a decoupage design I intend to use for a couple of Anniversary cards.  I am expecting a big delivery of new SU pre-order goodies tomorrow so hopefully it will help to stir me up to make a few more cards - my energy levels have been very low and I haven't achieved much this week!! Visit the other desks at Julia's blog HERE.