A late visit to WOYWW today with a bit of a mess on my desk.  I'm trying to find a more organised way to store my clear and unmounted stamps so that I can find the one I need a bit more quickly.  I have decided to stamp them onto a sheet of card, then laminate it, stick on the stamps and put it into a poly pocket in an A4 ring binder. I think it's going to take a lot of time though and I need to build up my stock of cards for sale as the display stand in school is quite empty again.  I have just finished some wedding stationery recently and have a few days off now for mid-term break, so hopefully I'll have some time to get caught up.  Visit the other work desks at Julia's blog HERE.


  1. Another bust stamp organiser, so glad I don't do stamps, although I do do dies!! But that's another storage problem - LOL BJ#1

  2. I have been doing the same as you, unmounting my stamps. I make my own pockets to fit my stamps, and I stamp the stamp on a matching size cardstock, and place that in front of the stamp in the pouch. I also have another piece of cardstock behind the stamp which makes the stamp slide in and out easily! I keep each stamp in a binder of its category, and finally decided that as long as I know where the stamp came from, keeping them in sets makes no sense, as many of my stamp sets have stamps that would belong in several different categories. Thanks for sharing! Lindart #40

  3. I bought cheap plastic drawers for mine. you probably have hundreds more than i do. I label the drawers so I can find what I need. Unfortunately I forget that i organized them. have to say that there are time when my slip into organized amazes me.

    Monica #39

  4. Lots of work to organise those stamps. Must be something in it as a lot of the deskers seem to be organising them. I need tips lol. I try but I'm really not that organised.

    Happy WoYWW
    Sharon K #38

  5. It's hard to decide what is the best way to store the stamps but I have mine in one of those plastic drawers mostly in makes. I thought about putting them in by subject but prefer them by make. The trouble is if they are not easy to find they just don't get used here Lol! Have a great weekend and happy belated woyww, Angela x 17

  6. The organizing bug must be in the air.. oh wait, may be spring cleaning. LOL. I have all of my stamps cataloged in a binder. Lighter weight for my hands to handle. Then my stamps - both clear and wood - are in their cases in photo boxes by category and coded. When I look in the binder and find the set I want to work with, I know exactly which photo box to go to. I'll be sure and put my post link for what I've done in my WOYWW blog post next week if you want to check it out.
    In the end, we each have to find the system that works for us. Creative Blessings! Kelly #46