You'll never believe it - yes that is actually a wee clear area on the left hand side of my desk! Take note of it, as its not all that likely that you will see it like this again for a while!! I have been trying to free up some space to work on a scrapbook album for Mum's 70th in a couple of weeks time, so I really need to get organised - unfortunately you will see the top of my desk is now completely covered, but I need to put the stuff somewhere!!
On my desk there are a few of the LOTV art pads - they are so handy when you need to make a number of cards quickly and they have designs suitable for all sorts of occasions - the image on the card is one of the designs. 
Lets hope the weather where you are is not like it is here at the moment - very wet and windy.  To make things even worse we have bats living in the roof above my craft room and they seem to be shuffling about, making a lot of noise! - its really getting like Halloween!
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  1. Hi bearnice
    A bit of SITTR going on here ( shove it to the right ) love the big pile of stamps ypu have been busy and it sounds like you have a lot more to do with an album what a great idea
    Have a great Wednesday
    Janet @57

  2. Looking all clean and ready for the next mess (erm) crafting sprint. :) And I'll tell ya ...I'd have that nice cleared shelf covered and stacked high with detritus left over bits. See for yourself later. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #8

  3. How fab to have bats in your attic, they are amazing creatures, aren't they? We have loads of them around here but I don't think there are any in my roof....
    Isn't that brown/cream circles paper gorgeous? Like that a lot!!
    Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

  4. Love LOTV products! Good luck with the scrapbook. Hugs. Pam#41

  5. The weather here is rotten too, lets hope it brightens up again soon! Best of luck working on that scrapbook for your mum, I am sure she will love it!
    Kate #51

  6. Howdy Desk Buddy! Quick! Put a cat butt in that blank spot. I have to keep the top right of my desk clear for the cats to jump up on otherwise they will just push off whatever is up there. The old cats left my desk alone but the kittens had no respect and started this trend. Now that they do it, the others have to. Anyway, I saw you desk and thought, so that's what my desk would look like if I finally picked up that pile 'o crap on the left side. I like it! I may do it. I may not though. I've only been *wanting* to do it for months now. By the way, what do your labels on your drawers say? I should show mine off sometime. One is "who knows?" Another is "nuclear materials." Another says "sharp stuff" and that one is telling the truth.

  7. Bernice....a couple of weeks to do the album?Olawdy gal, you gotta get on!! Your desk looks marvellous to me, I like that you've utilised the top to free up the work space, makes perfect sense to me!

  8. Ooh Bernice, is your desk still clean or shouldn't I ask??! Hope you're cracking on with the album, that's quite a task you've set yourself. Love those artpads too, I'm about to order some for my mum cause she loves to make cards but doesn't colour very well. Are they an individual image on each page? There's some new ones released on Monday too.

    Brenda 6

  9. Can't say I agree with Jan that bats in the attic are fab. We have them in the yard and I don't like to go out at night lest they swoop. But your desk is way tidier than mine today, although I have hope mine will be tidier tomorrow :)
    I am determined to get some visits in before tomorrow!

    Happy (late AGAIN!) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (35)