A quick post before I go to work this morning.  My desk has a big pile of clutter to the left (so you can't see that bit!) and I've been trying to use it up making the latest batch of cards.  I have  almost all my 'orders' up to date apart from a 40th card for someone who has paddled around Ireland in a canoe and its been pretty difficult to find a female canoeist image anywhere!  In the background are some finished 'mens' cards and a get well decoupaged one is just sitting waiting to be finished off.  My broad double-sided tape is visible - I tend to use a lot of it for sticking things down and the wee leaflety thing is info on Fibromyalgia - I have just been diagnosed and have been trying to find out the best way to manage this condition. 
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  1. Wishing you well with dealing with the fibromyalgia- blimey I had to go look how to spell that, much less say it! Love the card, have a great week, hugs Shaz #125 xx

  2. Such a cute card. Happy crafting #3

  3. Hi Bernice
    I am so sorry to hear you have been told you have fibromyalgia, I was diagnosed in 2000 with it and have lived with it and lots more ever since. If I can be of any help to you please do pop over to my blog where you will find my email address. This condition takes a lot of work but you can still have a life and your crafting will be a big help with that.
    Take care

    Sending hugs and hoping you have a great day
    Ria #74

  4. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis and hope you manage to get the help and support you need. Your card is really sweet and I'm sure your crafts will help you enormously. Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz@145

  5. I hope you are successful at managing your condition. My father-inlay has it and he seems to manage pretty well. Love the teddy bear - too cute. April #131

  6. Cute card, all the best for your health issues
    Bridget #11

  7. Adoreable card!!
    Krisha #50

  8. Come on, show us the clutter, you know we all want to see it! Good luck with the fibromyalgia. I hope that knowing what y have has helped. I know getting my diagnosis was a huge help.

    Good luck and happy belated WOYWW,
    Cheers, Rachel #65

  9. Come on, I showed you my disaster area. Everyone else should feel smug when they see that. I feel smug because I managed to get as far as my craft computer yesterday so that the Tech Dept. (Shaz Silverwolf's wonderful husband) could, at the very least get to it to sort out what he needed. I have to admit that nothing has been put away, but you can't have everything at the same time, can you? thank you for your visit and your encouraging words. xx Maggie #41

  10. I like to keep all my clutter off to the side too, lol That way I can pretend that I am neat! HA! OK, I am asking my WOYWW folks to rally behind me and I truly need your support. I am in a contest and the voting ends today so it's now or never. PLEASE go vote for me ( the camera )....yes, I am begging, lol http://www.genuinelyjanestudios.com/genuinelyblog/gjs-design-a-book-contest-top-three-finalists-announced/
    waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥ ( #19 )