Lots of cards on my desk this week, as I've been asked to make quite a few recently.  Unfortunately I've just the outside of them done - still to stamp a wee verse on the inside and package them up - I find it hard to get round to that bit - the fun is in making the outside bit! 

I've also got a picture of one of our 'new' hen's eggs - they have just started laying and the first couple of eggs were very small and cute.  However, as one of the 'old' ones was sick, we had to give them all a treatment which means we can't actually use their eggs now for two weeks :0(  It seems such a waste to throw them all in the bin and buy more from the shop.


  1. lovely cards.

    I love fresh eggs, owning chickens is one of the best decisions I have ever made

    Have a great week

  2. Hi Bernice
    what lovely cards they deserve a great insert as well, look at is as the story continuing with your card. Poor hens and as you say what a shame the eggs can't be used
    Thanks for sharing your desk today, Happy WOYWW hope you have a great week
    Ria #42

  3. Your cards are all so fabulous, know what you mean, I hardly touch the insides now, used to be a part I enjoyed!
    Shame to not use those eggs, maybe you can blow them out and paint and decorate them instead then it wouldn't seem such a waste, shame it isn't easter!

  4. gorgeous cards. Sorry to hear about sick chicks...I can remember my grandmother having to 'dose' as she called it the chickens one year and we had to go buy eggs and they tasted nasty compared to the fresh ones. Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #36

  5. Great cards ... though I did wonder at first glance why you'd eggs on your craft table :) Hope your chicks are OK - you'll be looking forward to getting your fresh eggs again (always so much nicer than the supermarket ones!)