Back again!

 I've been a bit neglectful of my blog recently - too busy sewing! Everyone admired the oilcloth owl bag and wanted one, so I thought I would make a few more and hopefully sell them at a craft stall on Saturday.  Mind you, now that I've them made, probably no-one will want them! Here are a couple of the variations.


  1. These are wonderful. I'm sure loads of people would want one, (including me lol). Hugs Kelly

  2. I love the Owl one and the Tea one. If you don't sell them at your craft fair I'll definitely have one. How much are you selling them for?
    Caz x

    1. The larger 'shopper' sized ones (approx 20" x 16") are £25 and the smaller 'tote' bag ones (13" x 14") are £20 - they are fully lined with the fabric you see along the top of each bag and also have a little pocket on the inside for your phone or keys etc. I would have to find out how much it would cost to post them out from Royal Mail.

  3. They are fab Bernice. I'm sure they will sell no problem. If I were closer I'd call in and buy one myself. :)

    Edna x

  4. All gorgeous, I do love them all. Good luck with your craft stall. xx Flora

  5. Heee, I was just thinking that you could sell these no problem, and then I see that you're planning to! Good luck at your craft sale - let us know how you get on!