Baby sampler

I finished off this baby sampler for a customer last week and haven't really accomplished much crafty stuff since.  On Thursday we attended the wedding I had made the stationery for.  We had a really nice day and a lovely meal.  The large collection of paper flowers, ribbon and pearl embellishments came in useful for making up my wee corsage to match my outfit!

Then Hannah finished her GCSEs on Friday - she is delighted to be at home now with nothing to do - mind you she is mad about helicopters and is currently up in a tree house on the top of the hedge with binoculars, examining all the helicopters flying over to the G8!
I had to leave Mum into Enniskillen earlier and the place was swarming with police, but no traffic or members of the public to be seen!  There were about four tents and a gazebo on the Broad Meadow - the area where the protesters were supposed to be gathering - so it looks like a major underestimation there!

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  1. Beautiful sampler Bernice, I'm sure your customer will be thrilled with it.
    Caz x