Back again

Sorry I've been AWOL recently - just got back this evening after a few days at Mum's.  We were down to help with the awful job of plucking turkeys! (75 of them!) - so a different kind of craft (not a very nice one!- didn't think a photo would be appreciated!). Since I got home Hannah and I have had to do a wee bit of baking as we are having supper after our carol service in church tomorrow night.  I made some German biscuits and Hannah cut the snowflakes out of ready to roll icing and then sprayed them with a shimmery spray stuff - edible stuff - not the type you put on cards!! It didn't all get off to a great start though - I had left the mixer working away and was doing something at the other side of the kitchen when there was a loud crash followed by silence.  When I looked round the cake mixer had vanished - it had 'walked' itself over to the edge of the worktop and toppled over onto the tiled floor, pulling the plug from the socket. Unbelievably it was still working when I plugged it in again - Kenwoods are built to last - at least they were 20 years ago! (It will soon be 20 years old!)

We got great cutters out of our new Lakeland shop, recently opened and greatly appreciated, in our local shopping centre - I've been a mail order customer for years now, but it great to be able to go in and actually see all the stuff - its just a pity they stopped stocking crafty things a few years ago! 
I've a few card orders still to do this week and then I will be able to relax and make a few just for fun ones, before the next major project begins - the next set of wedding stationery!

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  1. Hope you had a lovely Christmas Bernice and were able to eat your turkey dinner LOL! (My Dad worked on a turkey farm one Christmas years ago and said never again!)
    Scrummy looking biccies - I try not to go into the Lakeland shop in Belfast as I always end up spending a fortune!